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Become an Expert in Microsoft Excel, VBA Macro and Power BI with the Best Online, Virtual and Corporate Training

Learn to leverage the power of Microsoft products (Excel, VBA Macro, Power BI etc.)

Microsoft product has proven to be one of the most important applications for businesses around the world. Explore most of the underutilized powerful features in Excel, VBA and Power BI. Boost your productivity with an Excel, VBA, Power BI training course and learn to utilize them to the full.

Our curriculum starts at an introductory level and moves to an advanced level with courses on Power BI, PivotTables, Spreadsheet Analysis, Data List Management and VBA programming.


About Our Course

  • Course Content – Our course contents developed after so many researches and studies with various user like Students, Working Professionals, Finance, HR, Engineering etc.
  • Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainers - Our trainers are not just only a trainer, they all are working professionals who has 15+ years of experience and faced thousands of real time challenges in their day to day work.
  • Eligibility for trainer – Trainer must hold Microsoft Specialist and Expert certification and Working professionals with 5+ years of experience.
  • Way of Teaching – Our courses not only cover the features of Excel, VBA and Power BI, we go beyond to make you an expert in using the various options in real time scenario/examples.
  • Concept Training - Our training methodology focuses on your productivity needs, not to showcase software features.
  • Training Exclusives - Our courses come with Material for practice, Material for test and Mini projects.

Why Choose Us ?

Expert Teachers

Microsoft Certified Trainers.
Working Professionals

Valid Certification

100% Practical Session.

Free Material

Free Course and Test Material

Why you must
Learn these courses ?

  • Every company moving toward Digitalization and they need an expert who know Excel, VBA and Power BI etc.
  • You can eliminate Manual, Repetitive and Non-Value-added work from process through Automation.
  • You can easily save you and companies 1000+ hours of work and help to improve the productivity of your company (All organization wants)
  • It will make you better at your job
  • It helps to get more awards and rewards
  • Create Dynamic Dashboard with various view for better decision making
  • Within minutes can finish huge task using VBA
  • It will increase your Salary
  • Sell yourself in the competitive Industries
  • Improve your creative and analytical thinking
  • Organize data in an easy-to-navigate way
  • It will improve your speed
  • Makes calculations of complex formulas easy
  • Gain practical experience with large spreadsheets
  • It will create more visibility in your company, and you will know person for everyone
  • It certainly helps to grow and achieve your carrier goals
  • You’ll be an asset to any Business
  • Use all the key Excel shortcuts every day


Our Student From

We have conducted Corporate Training for leading companies and Trained more than 10,000+ working Professionals and Students on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Excel, VBA Macro, Power BI across India.